Sustainable & Healthy Food at Sports Events – World Cup Volleyball 2022

Date: 24-06-2021 - 24-06-2021
Time: 14:45 - 16:30
Location: online
Address: City: Country: Netherlands
Location URL:

At the 24th of June, NeVoBo, SCP, Eat2Move and FoodvalleyNL will organise an event to:

  • inform companies on plans and ambitions of World Cup Volleyball 2022 in The Netherlands/Gelderland (Gelredome)
  • stimulate participation on the thematic of sports, nutrition and sustainability at World Cup Volleyball 2022 (side events, diner of the future, Eat2Move event, Expo event, promotion activities etc. etc.)

Speakers: Erik te Velthuis, Jeroen Wouters, NeVoBo and Ojah

More information and registration: (event in Dutch)