About Eat2Move

Eat2Move center of excellence focuses on the importance of diet and exercise for the health and wellbeing of people. Eat2Move brings disciplines together and promotes interaction: between research institutions and businesses, between the practice of (elite) sport and care. This creates synergy.

Topsporter eten Eat2MoveHealthy and adequate nutrition is of great importance for optimal performance. This applies to the elite athlete as well as a lifestyle-conscious consumer or a (recovering) patient. Scientific results in performance and recovery studies in athletes, can be applied to recreational athletes and other people. In particular, Eat2Move focuses on the elderly and patients recovering from surgery or illness.

About Eat2Move: center of excellence for nutrition and exercise

Voedingsproducent Eat2MoveKnowledge and innovation

To achieve optimal health conditions, good nutrition should be supported by physical exercise. For both, innovation is crucial. In top center Eat2Move, knowledge is directly translated into innovative projects. In collaboration with companies, Eat2Movedevelops products and services for the sports and healthcare practice.

Center of excellence

Eat2Move aims to become an international center of excellence in the field of nutrition and exercise, in which knowledge and innovation stand together.

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